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NIO | the new EC7 has been revealed, and we fell in love. Here's why.

The NIO EC7 is a high-performance electric SUV that boasts a sleek coupe-SUV design and a record-breaking aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.23Cd. With a dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain producing 480kW and 850Nm, the EC7 can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds. It also features an electric active spoiler that deploys at high speeds to provide additional downforce and enhance its dynamic performance. Inside, the EC7 offers comfortable sports seats and a panoramic moonroof, as well as plenty of headroom and a range of new interior color options. It also comes equipped with Lidar and a comprehensive sensor suite, allowing for a high level of autonomous driving capability. If you're interested in electric vehicles, the NIO EC7 is definitely worth a closer look.

When we remember that only a year ago, we drafted an article about NIO reaching the 30k deliveries cap in Shanghai, which at that time sounded like a huge achievement for such a start-up. Since then, NIO has built itself a reputation as a giant in the making with a fast expansion within China, as well as overseas.

Do you think that these EC7 & EC8 will be appealing to traditional western customers? at the redaction we are Hooked, let's now see the repercussions on the stock price $NIO.

If you are considering investing in NIO shares in the near future, read this article about analysts' forecasts first.

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