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NIO reaches 30,000 units of vehicle deliveries in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the top-tier cities in China with the strongest support for NEVs, and NIO sees it as an important market.

NIO announced today that it has reached 30,000 vehicle deliveries in Shanghai, home to its global headquarters, 3.5 years after its first delivery in the eastern Chinese city.

The company's 30,000th vehicle delivered in Shanghai was a blue EC6, the third production model NIO unveiled at NIO Day 2019 two years ago.

Shanghai is one of the most supportive of new energy vehicles (NEVs) among China's top-tier cities, and residents can get free license plates directly for buying such vehicles.

By comparison, Beijing has strict purchase restrictions for EVs, and residents often must wait years to obtain a license plate.

NIO sees Shanghai as one of its most important markets and currently has four NIO Houses in the city, with a fifth one set to open on December 30.

To date, the company has sixty-five battery swap stations in Shanghai, accounting for about 9 percent of its total 753 stations.

NIO also has sixty-nine supercharging stations, twenty-four destination charging stations, and access to 32,135 third-party charging piles in Shanghai.

NIO delivered its first vehicle in Shanghai on June 28, 2018.

Two years and four months later, its deliveries in Shanghai reached 10,000 units on October 23, 2020.

On April 27, 2021, NIO reached 20,000 units delivered in the city.

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